Cheryl Freimuth

Welcome to a peek into my life. I am a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC), in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida.  I began teaching Anatomy/Biology at the high school level over 36 years ago, then became an adjunct professor in the mental health program, where due to my background in Biology I was asked to teach Human Sexuality to the counseling students. I have practiced mental health counseling for 20 years, and during that time have had the opportunity to develop a great bag of tools to help with my client's metamorphosis into a confident individual. As a mental health counselor, I mainly work with couples who are dealing with communication issues as well as intimacy issues. I am often called upon to assist people dealing with parenting dilemmas. During my year's teaching and counseling, I have been blessed to develop a common sense and eclectic style of therapy. I always tailor my mode of therapy to the client's best interest. I firmly believe the client must be the focus, therefore Client-Centered Therapy is always the foundation, as I believe respect, trust, and self-awareness is essential to the client-finding their answers to their concerns. I feel each person has all the answers or solutions to their concerns or stressors within, just where God has placed them. I want to assure you that there isn't too much under the sun that I haven't seen, heard, or experienced as a counselor. I also want to assure you that this road that we are about to embark upon is a journey that we will take together; Hand in hand, side by side. I am here to support and help you as you travel this amazing trail to self-awareness. I am very aware of the courage and strength that one has in order to ask a stranger for help, in such major life's trials and tribulations. I admire you for taking these first difficult steps and am excited to embark on this healing process. I am excited to get started walking along beside you as we continue to once again find your place of peace.


Stress | Anxiety | Relationship issues | Intimacy-related issues | Family conflicts | Trauma and abuse | Grief | Parenting issues | Self-esteem | Career difficulties | Coping with life changes | Attachment Issues |  Codependency | Commitment Issues | Communication Problems | Control Issues | 

Years of Experience: 20 

Email: [email protected]