Leann Manley

My initial start in life was working as an exercise rider for thoroughbred trainers. I exercised (galloped) racehorses on farms and metropolitan racetracks in many states and countries. I dropped out of high school determined to learn this trade; through the many prayers offered from my family, perseverance and caring coworkers, I overcame many injuries and emotional setbacks and succeeded. During these 13 years, I learned a lot about conditioning in many areas: nutritionally, physiologically (fitness) and psychologically (cognitive tactics to achieve). In my late twenties, after multiple bouts with self-doubt, I began college. Truly, I did not think this was an achievable goal, though I set my mind to it with the skills learned as an exercise rider. Ultimately, I earned my bachelors from the University of Florida from the college of Human Health and Performance. I was hired to teach science at a local high school and grew to love teaching. I taught many areas of science though mostly anatomy physiology and biology; these years of experience taught me a great deal about the psychology of teaching and learning. This was the pivotal time of my life when the true role of our psychological outlook as a game changer presented itself. The Advanced Placement courses I taught set me on a course to return to earn a master’s degree. I completed my masters from UF’s College of Food Science and Human Nutrition, completing 60 graduate credit hours in all areas of science (I wanted to take as many classes as possible!) Since graduating with my master’s in 2008, I have been teaching biology, nutrition and anatomy and physiology mainly at the College of Central Florida, where I am an associate professor. The nutrition class I teach has motivated me to start coaching; keeping current in the field of nutrition is daunting and exciting. I have found that our ability to thrive depends on our dietary intake. A few simple dietary changes can make all the difference in one’s health, and due to epigenetics, ultimately this change can have a profound effect on one’s outlook.

Masters Degree University of Florida College of Food Science and Human Nutrition

Coaching method:
You may have heard a variation of this statement: our beliefs become our thoughts, our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions, and our actions become our habits. Asking specific questions to determine what one values, and what life one wants to lead, helps to identify the habits that need to be formed to do so.

Nutrition (gut microbiome) Fitness

Teaching experience:
21 years, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and biology 

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