Nancy Adams

Let me introduce myself. I was born and raised in New Hampshire, enjoying all four seasons, especially summer. In the spring of 1967 my family put all of us on a plane from Boston to Fort Lauderdale. It was truly "love at first flight". I knew then and there that flying was in my blood. My love of warm weather necessitated my my move to Florida in 1973. After years of experience in the wholesale drug industry, sales and merchandising for a national footcare company and real estate sales, I finally embarked on my one true ambition, my love of being in the air. I was hired by Piedmont Airlines and went through three mergers: first, US Air, then America West (changing our name to US Airways) and finally the merger with American Airlines in 2013. After thirty three years of flying, an at-home injury forced me into a slightly early retirement.

During my years as a flight attendant, I counseled to many fearful flyers, explaining the mystery of flight, turbulence, weather delays and safety procedures. I also administered first aid to ailing passengers. Our primary reason for being onboard is to ensure the safety of the passengers and to enforce FAA regulations as well as company protocols. It was the privilege of my life. Let my experience and know-how help you through any and all fears and questions you may have regarding air travel. The Lord blessed me with my dream of a career and my ability to help people. Let's navigate this air space together.  

Email: [email protected]